An Open Letter to President Trump from Democrats that Voted for Him

Super high speed electric train hits 270 mph


January 23, 2017

Dear President Trump,

 This morning, a friend sent the two photos comparing the crowds between President Obama’s 2009 Inauguration and your Inauguration.  I could argue the petty points on presenting these two pictures in the first place but instead I replied that in 2008…

 That was Before we knew that Obama was going to embrace military intervention throughout the Middle East region when he led us to believe that he was going to end the insanity in Iraq; instead he spread death and mass destruction to Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, (the poorest black country in the Arab region) and worst of all--Syria.

 That was Before he played golf while oil gushed into the Gulf of Mexico for over three months when BP’s Macondo well could have been "killed" in two weeks' time, but he chose to save the multibillion dollar well for the oil industry over an ocean of marine life instead.

 That was Before he approved of dozens of more deepwater drilling permits and fracking in the Gulf during the BP oil disaster.

 That was Before he approved of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic and, for the first time in our history, down the Eastern shoreline, up until he reversed those drilling decisions in the last four months of his second term for one reason and one reason only: his legacy.

 That was Before he approved of construction of nuclear power plants after four nuclear power plants exploded into radiation meltdowns at Fukushima in 2011.

 That was Before he sold more weapons than any president in the history of the U.S. since WWII.

 That was Before he prosecuted more ethical whistleblowers than the last four presidents combined.

 That was Before we knew that his Wall St policies would continue to make the top 1 percent richer than under G.W. Bush’s presidency while the middle class economy collapsed into poverty and crime, and while drug addiction escalated.

 I could go on...but you get the point.

 When the corporate media talking heads, which always supported the fossil fuel industry to the extent that if any reporter connected weather extreme disasters with global warming they would be fired on the spot, screamed out in anger that you removed President Obama’s Climate Change page from the White House website, I told my friends, “Guess what? It’s the exact same Energy Plan as Barack Obama’s.  The only difference is that he put up a website that made it appear as though he cared about climate change.”  If you don’t believe me on what an imposter Obama is—try to remember when he boasted about constructing “more oil pipelines in the US than ever before, “enough to circle the planet and then some,” in his own words.

When the liberals complained that your Inaugural speech was “dark, gloomy and apocalyptic” I reminded them that President Trump simply repeated what many journalists have been writing about for the last eight years, particularly about the poverty that followed under a “war economy” that drained our treasury and left us in trillions of dollars of debt.

I reminded them of how President Obama thought nothing of spending billions of our tax dollars on weapons at any cost, money is no object, but when it came to approving funding to rebuild black communities, their eroding, rat-infested schools, and housing, when it came to fixing Flint’s poisoned lead water, when it came to initiating programs that would put Americans back to work, such as rebuilding our national parks and our infrastructure, he was no where to be found, or rather he was busy playing another round of golf in Hawaii.  True, Mr. Obama initiated funding under a “stimulus bill” that was supposed to be used to rebuild our infrastructure and to put Americans back to work again, but instead, due to a lack of strong executive leadership, that funding got swallowed up in the hands of crooks and the American people never saw a dime of it, much less new schools and bridges.

 The complaints coming from the corporate media are so blatantly hypocritical that it’s enough to make anyone that’s been following Obama’s real legacy, the one based on his actions and not his speeches, delirious.

 But I’m not here to talk about the past.

 I’m here as a representative so to speak to those Democrats who did not want to vote for a continuation of Obama’s “double-speak” legacy via Hillary.  And that is why they turned to Senator Bernie Sanders.

 When the DNC unethically helped Hillary via cheating to hose down the fire on Bernie’s growing popularity, many Democrats that know what I know about the “real Obama legacy” would not and could not vote for Hillary.

 So they rolled the dice and voted for you, Mr. President.  They helped you to win the election.

 That said—it seems only fair that they should have a voice at your table.  And the one thing that they’re asking in return for their votes is that you take into consideration a serious plan to address this critical emergency called Climate Change that we’re all confronting no matter what one’s economic status is.

 Mr. President, allow me to put it this way, I have no doubt that you are absolutely sincere about rebuilding our eroding infrastructure and that your main priority is to create jobs for Americans. 

 The question is: On what model will you base that “Vision” on? Will it be based on an antiquated 1920s Industrial Pollution Model – or – will it be based on a high tech Clean Renewable Energy Model?

 For instance, suppose I showed you two photos: One of the electric high speed super train, or as seen in the above photo, from magnetic energy, that I’m sure you’ve seen, speed is over 270 mph.  The second photo is of a 1935 train that runs off coal. A man stands by a pile of coal shovels it inside the oven, and if you’re lucky, it goes around 45-50 mph.

 Now I realize the 2nd photo is a stretch of hyperbole, but it does get the point across.  The future is here and now.  We have all the necessary technological abilities to rebuild our infrastructure for electric cars and new transportation.

 It’s time.  It’s way over time, in fact.  We need to build Electric Vehicle stations all across our country. 

 President Obama had eight years to do just that; and he failed miserably because he didn’t really care.  Like you’ve said many times, it’s all talk, talk, talk and no action.

 So we are asking you on behalf of those Democrats that helped to put you in office to please consider the future by paving the way for electric vehicles.  If anyone can do this, it will be you, I have no doubt.  Please, listen to your daughter, Ivanka, on this because I have a feeling that she is also trying to persuade you to turn to the billionaires in this new and amazing field of energy.  It’s great to know that you invited Telsa CEO Elon Musk to your first Executive Meeting!  I hope that he will be able to convince you that building EV stations is absolutely necessary now more than ever. 

 Also, why not make Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a top Energy advisor as well? Scott Pruitt may not like the sound of that—but here’s how they can work together as partners:

 Both Kennedy and Pruitt understand the need to strip away unnecessary regulations and burdensome permits that clog up the system. What we need is a modernized version of strong, enforceable laws that keep our water and air clean.  That makes sense, but at the same time, we need to move away from the old 1935 train and make way for the electric super rail model of transportation. 

 The auto industries are producing thousands of affordable hybrids and electric cars because there is a huge demand for vehicles that don’t pollute.  If Americans love big trucks or SUV’s, my response to them is: Would you rather pay $150.00 dollars each time you fill up your tank – or – would you prefer a big, beautiful truck that runs free of charge from solar? 

 All we’re asking is to give renewable energy companies a chance, to meet us half way on this request in return for our votes. And trust me, the world will applaud your efforts on making America not only great again—but also beautiful again.

 No one likes to see our rivers, wilderness lands and oceans polluted with oil, Mr. President. 

 Please, I’m asking you, I’m begging you—to please make climate change a top priority in your administration.  And the best way to do that is to choose the New Model of Clean Energy for the rebuilding of our infrastructure instead of turning to the past.  The past belongs to the past.  We cannot afford to stay forever in the antiquated industrial world of pollution based on fossil fuels.  If we do, our children, your children—won’t have a future. And no amount of money will save them from a dying, polluted Earth.  

 Thank you, Mr. President. 

Jacqueline Marcus