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Summer Rains
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I bark, therefore I am.


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Trump VS the Corporate Elite Media

by Jacqueline Marcus



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 Iris Books

An independent press with a traditional
history of publishing stunning works of poetry

George Scarbrough * Ron Rash *
Holly Guran * Lisa Coffman * Tony Reevy * Charlotte Hilary Matthews * Tina Barr * Katherine Smith *  Cameron Conaway * Joseph Enzweiler * Karen Carissimo

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Poem Selected for The Writer's Almanac


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Man Cannot Live on Oil, Alone / Time to end our dependency on oil before it ends us

Man Cannot Live on Oil, Alone /
Time to end our dependency on oil before it ends us


A Kindle Book
By Jacqueline Marcus


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Other Than They Seem
Allan Peterson
(Tupelo Press)

The Muse Turns Her Back
(Word Palace Press)
Michael Hannon

LoPlop in a Red City (Circling Rivers Press)
Kenneth Pobo


Essay on Pablo Neruda
North American Review
 By Jacqueline Marcus


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 Ancient Rome Still Defines US Politics
of War and Poverty


Who's to Blame for Recurring Oil & Chemical Disasters?


Feds Spend $53 Billion for Spying, But No Money For Fighting Global Warming Wildfires


The More Likely Reason for Spying:
Protecting Profits for the Oil Oligarchs



Robert Hass & Louise Glück

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Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award
& National Book Critics Circle Award

 What Light Can Do:
Essays on Art, the Imagination
and the Natural World

Faithful and Virtuous Night


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J.P. Dancing Bear's

Lucille Lang Day's
Dreaming of Sunflowers
Museum Poems

Like a Beggar by Ellen Bass

Lisa Coffman's Less Obvious Gods



Lisa Coffman's
Less Obvious Gods


By Jacqueline Marcus




Highly Recommended!

TED Book: The Art of Stillness

 The Art of Stillness
by Pico Iyer

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Bill McKibben Protest XL Oil Pipeline (video)
Ken Pobo and Jacqueline Marcus (poems)

Are the Hawaiian Islands Dying?
Severe Droughts...



Favorite Hits
The Best American Poetry 1999

Poems from Guantánamo
Review by Dan Chiasson

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